£35m Stubbington bypass gets the green light

Congestion in Fareham
Congestion in Fareham
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PLANS to build a long-awaited £35m Stubbington bypass have been approved.

The regulatory committee at Hampshire County Council discussed whether to give the road planning permission today at a meeting in Winchester.

It heard that the 2.3-mile road would link from Titchfield Road to Gosport Road, cutting across land designated as strategic gap.

Seven deputations were made at the meeting, five in support and two against. The council received 87 letters, 14 in support and the rest against.

Some of the main concerns raised were around an increase in noise, the impact the road would have on the environment and whether it would encourage further development on the strategic gap.

Council officers told the committee that 2,008 properties will experience an increase in noise, but 2,771 would experience a decrease.

Questions were raised about why quiet use Tarmac was not being used, to which officers said that below 47mph the tarmac had little effect and that it did not wear as well as traditional surfacing.

They said that no objection had been raised from consultees including the Environment Agency and Natural England.

Mark Cooper, who represents Romsey Town, said he would not support the application unless quiet-run Tarmac was installed.

He said: ‘There’s a speed limit of 50mph on this road. I can guarantee you that during open hours on this road, not during rush hour, people will be travelling at 50 to 60mph.

‘That is human nature therefore there will be additional noise to those dwellings and, as an authority that cares about its residents, we ought to be doing more and going for a better standard.’

He motioned to make the low noise Tarmac compulsory by adding a condition. But this was voted down - seven councillors were in support it and eight councillors were against.

Peter Latham, who represents Fareham on the council, was on the committee.

He said: ‘The need to provide adequate transport movement to Daedalus is vital.

‘Gosport needs the bypass. Fareham needs the bypass and the residents of both boroughs are in desperate need of traffic alleviation measures and this is just one of them. Therefore I support it.’

Councillors voted 11 in support to give planning permission to the bypass.