A Nazi-style salute? No, I was just pointing at a television screen

ARM RAISED Barry Smith pictured in a bar in Russia during Euro 2008
ARM RAISED Barry Smith pictured in a bar in Russia during Euro 2008
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A PUB landlord pictured with his arm aloft in front of an Ulster flag says: ‘I was just pointing to a television screen.’

The photograph of Barry Smith has been circulated on the internet by campaigners who claim it appears to be a Nazi-style salute.

But Mr Smith insists that his pose in the photograph, taken by one of his friends in a German bar as they watched a TV broadcast of a match in Russia in 2008, is innocent.

It was republished on the website by the campaign group Portsmouth Nazi Watch, having first been posted by Mr Smith on his Facebook page.

Mr Smith, who runs The Alma Arms, in Highland Road, Eastney, says he has since deactivated his Facebook page on advice from police.

The Portsmouth Nazi Watch website republished the photograph of Mr Smith next to the red hand flag of Ulster, on which appears the number 657, with the caption ‘Barry Smith “sieg heiling” above 657 crew football hooligan flag’.

But Mr Smith denies any wrongdoing.

‘The picture was taken by one of my friends,’ he said.

‘It’s been cropped down. It’s a picture of me pointing to the television screen and at the women in the bar.

‘There’s no way I’m a Nazi. I am in no way close to that.

‘If people looked on my Facebook page they would see that I have lots of friends from lots of different countries and those people come into my pub.’

A video uploaded on the Portsmouth Nazi Watch website shows BNP leader Nick Griffin holding a party meeting at The Alma Arms’ function room last October.

But Mr Smith said he had no idea that the controversial politician was going to be at his pub.

He said: ‘I wasn’t aware he was going to be there. Someone came into the bar and told me he was in the building.

‘When I used to take bookings for my function room I didn’t used to know who were going to use it and what they wanted to use it for. It was all done over the phone. So I had no idea.

‘It’s all changed now. Now I meet people beforehand face to face and I’ve installed CCTV cameras in the function room so I know what’s going on.

‘I am in no way a racist. Being patriotic is different to being a racist. I regularly hold Caribbean nights in the pub.’

Mr Smith said he was a former member of the far right group the English Defence League but added that he quit shortly after last summer’s protest in Portsmouth against Islamic extremism and Sharia law.

‘As soon as some unsavoury characters joined the EDL I decided that I was finished with it,’ he said.

A spokesman for Portsmouth Nazi Watch said it believed the political interests of Mr Smith would be damaging to the pub’s owner Enterprise Inns.

‘We have contacted the brewery and as yet we have had no response,’ he said.

A spokeswoman for Enterprise Inns said: ‘Enterprise can confirm The Alma Arms in Portsmouth is currently let and is run as an independent business by the publican, who is aware of his obligations under his lease, the premises’ licence and the law.’