A stroke of luck! Boys find five-leaf clover in garden

IN CLOVER Twins Joshua and Ryan Ingledew, 13, in their back garden. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (131875-1)
IN CLOVER Twins Joshua and Ryan Ingledew, 13, in their back garden. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (131875-1)
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WHEN twins Josh and Ryan Ingledew found a four-leaf clover in their back garden, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The 13-year-old boys from Brewers Lane in Gosport found them whilst playing in their garden.

They have now found around 16 four-leaf clovers and one five-leaf clover. Both are extremely rare – and they are supposed to bring good luck.

Now, the boys are hoping that will happen. Ryan said it was a bit of a shock when he realised what he had found.

‘First of all I didn’t believe it in a way,’ he said.

‘I’ve only found one four-leaf clover before in my life and my dad said he hadn’t found any.

‘I was shouting to Josh to come and have a look.

‘I wanted to show all my family when I found the first one and then when I found a closer look I found a couple more. I was very surprised.’

Josh added: ‘Ryan told me about it. I was thinking it might be a three-leaf. When I had a closer look I realised it was a four leaf clover.

‘I thought it was amazing. I was quite excited about it.’

Dad Michael, 42, said: ‘My kids spotted it in the garden.

‘They noticed a patch of clover where I hadn’t cut the grass in a while. They have found about 16 so far.

‘They wanted to laminate some of them and name them as well.

‘I’m taking them to work and people are giving pocket money for them and hoping it will bring them some luck.

‘It’s absolutely weird.

‘I have never seen a four-leaf clover in my life. I thought it was a myth.

‘They were very excited but I don’t think they realised just how rare they are.

‘They were excited that they found so many of them.

‘We couldn’t get them out of the garden after that. They were looking for more.’

And now, their dad is hoping it will bring them some luck.

He said: ‘I hope it brings luck. It would be nice to have a break from the norm.’

The boys have got one of the clovers living in a jar that they want to keep alive.

Mr Ingledew added: ‘I did say to them: “Why don’t you put it on eBay and see what happens?” Strangers things have happened.’