Abandoned car causes parking problems for Gosport resident

A DUMPED car blocking private parking spaces has left Emma Hadenham furious.

Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 6:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 6:38 am
Emma Hadenham with the abandoned car

The 29-year-old has been unable to park outside her own home since the vehicle was abandoned on Christmas Day.

But despite the car being parked on private property solely for residents’ parking, the council and police cannot remove it as it has road tax and an MOT certificate.

But for Emma, from Avenue Road, in Gosport, that is not good enough.

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She said: ‘This car has been left in my space since Christmas Day despite me complaining to the police and the council.

‘I even left a note on the car saying it was illegally-parked but that didn’t do anything.

‘Saying nothing can be done is not good enough.

‘The car looks horrendous and is so unsightly. I doubt it could be driven away safely, which is why it needs to be removed.

‘I feel like the law is on the owner’s side. If I move the car or get someone else to do it, I will be breaking the law.

‘It is really frustrating because the council cannot do anything and neither can the police.’

Emma said the car is so badly parked that it is also blocking part of her neighbour’s parking space.

Parking in Avenue Road is limited, meaning Emma has to either block in other cars or ask neighbours if she can use their space when they are out.

‘Luckily, one of my neighbours doesn’t have a car at the moment so they have let me use their space when it is free,’ she said.

‘But when they have visitors that changes, which I accept.

‘I can’t park anywhere else without blocking other people in, which I feel bad about.

‘There are a couple of undesignated spaces but people have to squeeze past them so it isn’t ideal.’

Emma said people in Avenue Road know the parking is for residents and added there have never been any problems.

‘Occasionally people will park in the spaces for a couple hours when they visit people,’ she added.

‘But a car has never been dumped before.

‘People know those spaces belong to us.’

A spokeswoman for Gosport Borough Council said it cannot take any action as the car has valid road tax and an MOT certificate.

She added the car is parked on private property and not public land, meaning what the council can do is limited.