Action group formed to improve cycle route between Chichester and Emsworth

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CONCERNS over increased traffic, noise and pollution because of a housing boom have seen people join together to find a solution.

The Chemroute Action Group was formed to look at ways of improving routes for cyclists and walkers and it wants to hear your thoughts.

It comes as hundreds of new homes have been built – with more in the pipeline – around Emsworth and Chichester.

Secretary Rupert Emerson said: ‘There is widespread concern about new housing developments in West Sussex and the traffic, noise, pollution and delays that these will bring.

‘Improving cycling and walking infrastructure is vital so that people can choose to leave their car at home.’

A team of volunteers have formed the Chemroute Action Group, which is looking into ways of improving the Chichester to Emsworth route.

Tonight, at Emsworth Community Centre in North Street, there will be a public consultation and discussion from 6.30pm.

An informal gathering, it will involve three short talks and hear people’s views on how best to make it safe to cycle, use mobility scooters and cross the road.

Anyone wishing to attend can call Mr Emerson on (01243) 576521.