Action to be taken to save swans at Gosport lake danger spot

SAVED One of the swans rescued from Alver Quay
SAVED One of the swans rescued from Alver Quay
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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PLANS are in place to try and remove a concrete wall which is causing swans to often get stuck or die as they become trapped in a lake.

The problem has occurred at Alver Quay where swans become trapped by the 
wall when the tide goes in and out.

Often the problem is so severe that the young swans never make it out.

Some residents living nearby have taken to going into the water and rescuing them.

Andy Wing, 51, from Park Road, said he has witnessed the problem occurring for a number of years now.

‘It’s such a sad thing because I will go and get them from the road,’ he said.

‘This is a huge urban area. The swans land in people’s gardens. I’m quite happy to pick them up.

‘At night you can hear the cygnets crying.

‘You have to go down there and start placing them on the other side.

‘Everybody wishes to assist them and doesn’t wish to see their lives being lost by what is essentially a redundant wall.’

Gosport Borough Council is working through the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership to try and get funding from the Environment Agency to get the wall removed.

It’s believed it will cost around £10,000 to get it taken down.

Stevyn Ricketts is head of Streetscene at Gosport Borough Council.

He said: ‘We are in the process of finalising our coastal strategy.

‘That takes in all of our coastal line and Fareham’s coastal line.

‘We need that strategy in place to enable us to bid for money from the Environment Agency to carry out various projects.

‘The coastal team has been very involved in this.

‘We want to know if the concrete weir is required now. If it’s taken out, will there be any issues?

‘We don’t know what impact the wall will have on the location.

‘It’s not as straight forward as just taking the concrete weir out because we have got all these other agencies 
that need to have an involvement.’