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EVEN though they’re long past the days of schoolyard romance, this couple are as madly in love as a pair of teenagers.

Vera Godley, 79, and Arthur Collins, 83, will walk down the aisle tomorrow after 10 years together.

SO HAPPY Vera Godley and Arthur Collins are marrying tomorrow                      Picture: Paul Jacobs (141783-4)

SO HAPPY Vera Godley and Arthur Collins are marrying tomorrow Picture: Paul Jacobs (141783-4)

The couple who live in Catherington said they thought it was about time they tied the knot.

Vera said: ‘Some people say that it only means you get a piece of paper, but I thought it would be lovely to be able to say “my husband” and for Arthur to say “my wife”.

‘And deep down we’re old school so we just wanted to make that commitment.

‘We both love each other so much. He looks after me.’

Arthur was born in Portsmouth and Vera was evacuated to the city during the Second World War and stayed with her host family afterwards.

Vera said she’d had 36 jobs in her working life including taxi driver, babysitter and customer liaison officer.

Arthur finished his career as a school caretaker after working as a lorry driver.

Vera and Arthur have both been married before.

Vera’s first husband Peter died in 2002 after 48 of marriage.

Arthur’s first wife Rose-Marie died in 1999, also after 48 years of being married.

Vera said: ‘We don’t want to replace or take away anything from the past.’

Arthur added: ‘I wouldn’t change a thing.

‘It’s about time we made it as a couple in married life.

‘We both want it and it’s what we’re going to do.’

Vera said the wedding would be at the North End Baptist Church and 68 guests were expected.

She said: ‘We’ve got a lot of work cut out for us and I’m looking forward to blowing up 30 balloons in the morning.

‘We’ve had a very exciting two or three months preparing it, and our friends seem to be more excited than we are.’

Vera said her son was coming from Fuerteventura, where he lived, to give her away and Arthur’s great grandaughter, Hannah Butland, nine, would be her flower girl.