All that Yazz as 80s singer meets schoolchildren

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SHE’S best known as the bleached-blonde singer of the 1980s who belted out The Only Way Is Up.

But Yazz was in a very different guise as she sang uplifting gospel music to hundreds of schoolchildren at Horndean Junior School yesterday.

Hannah Ackerman, 11, Fern Anderson, 11, Yazz, and Leon Nicoll, 11, at Horndean Junior School

Hannah Ackerman, 11, Fern Anderson, 11, Yazz, and Leon Nicoll, 11, at Horndean Junior School

The 53-year-old mum-of-one talked to children about her rollercoaster music career – and how being rich and famous is not all it is cracked up to be.

Yazz, whose full name is Yasmin Evans, is visiting 
the area as she is giving talks 
at Cowplain Evangelical 

Yazz spoke to children about how she grew up in London and her family were very poor.

‘I was singing in my bathroom with a hairbrush when I was 16,’ said Yazz, who now lives in Spain.

‘But I didn’t get into the music business until I was 21.’

At the age of 28, Yazz found worldwide fame with her signature tune and followed it up with a string of other hits.

‘It was not so brilliant for me,’ she said.

‘I did not find happiness. I had money in the bank. I thought I had all the things you need for happiness.

‘I got to the top of the tree and there was nothing there.

‘I was drinking a lot to cope with why I was not happy.

‘I had friends who just wanted to be around famous people and that’s a horrible place to be. I felt sad inside.’

Yazz said many other 80s stars were suffering the same sort of unhappiness after finding fame.

But she said she turned her life around after discovering faith and she now makes Christian music.

‘In my heart I have found peace,’ she said.

Yazz was given a huge round of applause.

Fern Anderson, 11, said: ‘It was really good.’

Yazz will be appearing at 7.30pm tonight and again on Sunday at Cowplain Evangelical Church.

Call (023) 9226 2188 for more details.

WHILE many of the children had not heard of Yazz, they had heard her song on the ITV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

Yazz told the audience that a different artist sings the song on the opening and closing credits.

She does not get paid as she did not write the song.

But she said she felt ‘honoured’ every time she heard the song on the radio.

‘It opened up so many doors for me,’ she said.

She has not performed the song for years.

But she said she would like to sing it again at a big arena one day.

‘I am saving it for a very big thing,’ she said.