Amputee who lost a leg in road accident sees his story turned into a play

ACTOR Sean Gittins with writer Sasha Paul
ACTOR Sean Gittins with writer Sasha Paul
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A MAN who lost his leg in a road accident as a teenager is to star in a play based on the traumatic incident.

Sean Gittins will appear in One Step, written by an award-winning playwright.

He plays the lead character Matt, and One Step will re-enact the trauma he faced after having his right leg amputated following a motorbike accident in Wickham when he was 18.

His friend, who was riding the bike, also lost both an arm and a leg after the head-on collision with a car.

Sean, 44, from Fareham, said: ‘Once I got home from hospital and the realisation kicked in that I had lost my leg it was hard to deal with.

‘I went to a dark place and got depressed and I felt like I was all alone because I didn’t get any help, I was just left to get on with it. I didn’t feel lucky to have made it through the accident alive, all I could think about was that I had lost a part of my body.’

After a period of severe depression, Sean started going to the gym as a form of therapy to give himself another focus. A year later he got back on a bike.

He now works with Amputees in Action which provides support for amputees and works with the Army to train soldiers to amputate in the field – a skill which saves many lives.

After reading the play Someone Else’s Husband, which deals with deafness, Sean contacted the writer, Sasha Paul, to tell his story.

Sasha, who won a Millennium Award for Someone... which is now being performed off Broadway, in New York, decided to base a play on his story.

She said: ‘I was so moved by the things that Sean had to deal with and so shocked by the accident – it was touching to see how he dealt with it.

‘After talking to him, I realised it was such an important issue and wanted to get the message out that people who have disabilities can lead normal lives that don’t have to be governed by their disability.

‘Some of the play is quite shocking and pushes the boundaries of theatre, but it is amazing how many lives you can touch when you take risks.

‘I want people to leave the show realising what sort of emotional journey some people go through and appreciate each person for who they are rather than just seeing a disability.’

One Step is being shown from April 26 to 30, excluding 29, at the Lighthouse Theatre, Poole. Tickets cost £10.

Go to or call 0844 406 8666.