An opera treat for 100-year-old Eunice

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SHE’S 100 years old but that hasn’t stopped Eunice Forhead going out and enjoying herself.

And last night was a dream come true when she had the chance to meet the cast from La Boheme, an opera she has always loved.

Eunice Forhead on stage at the Kings with La Boheme company manager Eugene Ponomariov

Eunice Forhead on stage at the Kings with La Boheme company manager Eugene Ponomariov

Eunice, from Baffins, turned 100 in January, and was eager to get tickets to see the show which was at the Kings Theatre in Southsea last night.

And as a surprise arranged by friend Jackie Baynes, she was able to go up on the stage and meet the cast and have her programme signed. She was given a special chair to sit on while she chatted to the cast.

She said: ‘I feel flattered and proud to be seeing this wonderful show that I’ve always wanted to see.’

Eunice said she was thrilled to be able to meet the cast.

‘It was fantastic. I don’t know what to say – wonderful.

‘When I was much younger I used to love to hear the music from it and I have always loved it.

‘I used to have friends who used to try and do some acting from it and that’s always fascinated me.

‘It’s been a very special evening for me.’

Jackie knew how much Eunice wanted to see the show so arranged to get tickets. When she called the ticket office and explained about Eunice’s age, she asked if there was any possibility they could meet the cast as a treat for her and staff at the theatre agreed.

‘It’s been wonderful for Eunice,’ said Jackie. It was a lovely evening for her.’

Sandra Smith, of the Kings Theatre, helped organise the surprise.

She said: ‘She’s 100 years young, not 100 years old!

‘She’s amazing. This is fantastic. I’m so pleased that she loves La Boheme.

‘It’s been a very memorable evening for her. It’s very rare that we do this, especially with a centenarian. They made a big fuss over her.’

Eugene Ponomariov is the company manager for the production.

He said: ‘It’s so interesting and so lovely. It’s unbelievable for me.

‘It’s usually younger people that want to come and see our show.

‘I’m proud that a great person would like to see our performance. It’s very important to us.’