And another thing...! Go easy on the tinny Christmas tunes!

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So, just three weeks to go until the big day then....

Not long now to the wonderful sound of those classic Christmas songs that we all love.

I wish!

Actually, some shops have been on full throttle for weeks already as they try to get us in the mood for the season.

Sorry, for me it just backfires - surely there’s only so much Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree you can do before you become permanently dizzy.

There’s nothing wrong with Christmas of course - far from it. It’s a magical time of year that spells festivity, family and fun.

But is it just me that thinks the commercialisation of the season, albeit an unavoidable part of the whole thing, nevertheless starts so jolly early that the cumulative effect is to take a little of the shine off the big day itself?

How shop workers cope with listening time and again to the same loop of tinny Christmas tracks is beyond me.

Okay, get the goods out early, but please don’t think we want to hear non-stop festive tracks in November.

And don’t even get me started on carols given a pop makeover!