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If I’d have wanted to visit a war zone, I’d have joined the Army. I don’t, so I didn’t.

Yet that is what Portsmouth has sounded like at least for more than a week now.

Go out, and your ears are assaulted by deafening explosions that shake the night air.

And for what? An event in our history that most know precious little about.

If I had my way, I’d ban the public use of fireworks, which are incredibly dangerous in the wrongs hands - which is precisely where they can usually be found.

Detonated correctly by people who know what they’re doing, they look very pretty of course.

Which is why they’re so popular even though hardly anyone really knows why we set them off.

But why is it that in recent years fireworks have been made noisier and noisier.

It really is like a war zone, positively dangerous for people driving who hear the explosion without any visual warning, positively distressing for pets across the area, and positively annoying for people who seek the quiet life in this world in which too many appear to care not a fig about others.

So I have a plot: if we really do need fireworks, let’s just have them on November 5 - and let’s end the madness of having pyrotechnics that are louder than an aircraft.

*Mark Acheson is Head of Digital at The News

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