Andre became family friend

PALS Nadine Blake with pop star Peter Andre
PALS Nadine Blake with pop star Peter Andre
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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Nadine Blake’s friendship with Peter Andre began when she drew up a wish list of celebrities she would like to meet and The Willow Foundation made it happen.

She was a big fan of reality shows, particularly The Only Way is Essex, and she met the stars including Kirk Norcross, Harry Derbidge and Amy Childs at the famous Sugar Hut nightclub, in Essex.

But it was Andre she was desperate to meet.

The whole family was invited to a concert in December but Andre’s brother died and he couldn’t make it.

The meeting was rescheduled and the pair hit it off like old friends.

Andre’s girlfriend Emily met Nadine and was also bowled over by her.

The pair hung out together and he called or texted her every few days to make sure she was okay.

Speaking of their friendship Nadine said earlier this year: ‘It’s been amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

‘The time he has dedicated to me has been really good.

‘Meeting him and telling him my story seemed to have a big impact on him.

‘He met me and my family backstage and wanted to take us all back to his room upstairs.

‘He said a lot to me – it was all words of encouragement and to stay positive.’

Andre asked his millions of Twitter followers to pray for Nadine when she became ill last week and has been in touch with the family since to offer his condolences.

As well as meeting celebrities Nadine had other things on her to-do list. Last year, 20 members of the family visited Butlins for an unforgettable break together.

And her 18th birthday party was a huge event at The Swan pub which is where she asked her family to hold her wake.

Her mum Becky said: ‘She wanted everyone to have a good drink in her memory.’