Anger as elderly woman is forced to wash using sink

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  • Family of an 81-year-old forced to wash using a sink are angry with the council
  • They say a shower needs to be installed as their mother cannot get in and out of the bath
  • But the council have put her on a waiting list saying there has been an increase on showers needed in the last three years
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A FURIOUS family say their elderly mother has been forced to wash using a sink for two years after the council refused to put in a shower.

Christine Curtis has been chasing landlord Gosport Borough Council to put in a shower for her 81-year-old mother, who cannot use the bath.

For the last two years she has had to wash using the bathroom sink which is unacceptable.

Christine Curtis

But after writing letters and emails and putting in calls, she has been told her mother is on the waiting list.

With winter approaching, Ms Curtis is worried about her mother’s health as she already suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

She said: ‘My mother cannot get in and out of the bath because of her age.

‘She desperately needs a shower and it is disgusting that the council has put her on the waiting list. For the last two years she has had to wash using the bathroom sink, which is unacceptable.

‘The last time she asked, there was an eight-month waiting list which means all during winter she will be forced to use the sink.’

Ms Curtis’ mother lives in a council property and the family do not want to put in a shower themselves in case there are consequences.

‘All of us have considered just taking the matters into our own hands but we are worried about what the council might do,’ Ms Curtis added.

‘My mother just doesn’t want these worries in her life so out of respect for her, we haven’t put in the shower.’

A spokesman from the council said: ‘There is an ever-increasing demand for level-access showers because of the ageing population.

‘It’s a need the council takes seriously.

‘We have spent close to a £1m on aids and adaptations in the last three years with the bulk of that money spent on level-entry showers.

‘That is an increase of 25 per cent on the previous three years but at up to £7,000 each, level-entry showers do not come cheap.

‘Urgent requests for showers can be ordered with contractors, measured up and installed within six months of a social services assessment; although it can be longer and that depends on the urgency.’