Anger as Jack Russell is put down after being given to Stubbington Ark

PUT DOWN Josie the Jack Russell
PUT DOWN Josie the Jack Russell
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WHEN he gave his beloved dog to the Stubbington Ark, the last thing that Jody Long expected to happen was for her to be put down.

The 28-year-old had to find a new home for his dog Rosie when he moved from Waterlooville to Worthing for work.

He approached his letting agent to see if pets were allowed in his new flat and was told no.

Upset about losing Rosie he thought that the best place for her would be with the RSPCA.

When his landlord visited his property one week later, he enquired whether he could have a pet, to which the landlord immediately agreed.

Jody said: ‘When I found out, I was so happy. I rang the Ark straight away.

‘They told me that I couldn’t have Rosie back.

‘I thought it was because they didn’t give dogs back to previous owners but a few weeks later I found out that they had put her down.’

Jody added: ‘I was completely devastated. I couldn’t talk about what had happened as I was so upset.

‘If I’d have known that was going to happen I’d never have given her to them.’

Jody says that he feels betrayed by the RSPCA, which he had put his trust in.

Jody had rescued Jack Russell Rosie from owners who couldn’t cope with her.

Jody admits that the five-year-old dog would often bark when left alone and was known to chase cats but says that this didn’t cause him any problems and was nothing that couldn’t be solved by placing her with the correct family.

Mike Ward, manager of the Stubbington Ark, said: ‘Our notes show that Rosie acted aggressively when she was placed into our care.

‘We have documentation that says the owner told us the dog had killed five cats, a fox and hedgehogs.

‘Jack Russells are known to have such tendencies but after careful observation and monitoring, the decision was taken that she would be too much of a risk to place with a new family.

‘At the end of the day, we have a responsibilty to make sure that all pets we rehome are safe.

‘When a dog shows signs of aggression we have to put them down, although this is an extremely rare case and we are open about our policy to all who give their pets to us.’

Jody disputes the fact that Rosie had killed any cats.

He said: ‘My old neighbour in Waterlooville used to have three cats and she would look after Rosie.

‘Yes she would chase them, but she never killed them. It’s absolute rubbish.’