Anger as works cause months of delays for drivers

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IT’S a main thoroughfare connecting Bedhampton to Leigh Park.

Yet roadworks have been causing disruption to Barncroft Way for almost a year.

With temporary traffic lights causing delays during rush hour fed up residents want to know why.

Since July Durkin has been replacing water mains on behalf of Portsmouth Water in Bedhampton, Leigh Park and Waterlooville.

But, in the six months previous to that, contractors were carrying out unrelated repairs to gas mains in the same stretch of road.

The latest work in Barncroft Way was due to take five months and finish in December but could take up to another two weeks.

John Griffiths lives in Stockheath Lane, close to the roadworks.

He said he is fed up with the disruption.

‘I think this may just be the most dug up piece of road in Havant, perhaps Hampshire.

‘To my knowledge this piece of road has been dug up at least eight times and maybe more within the last year.

‘I don’t know what’s going on there but whatever it is surely it should be coming to an end soon?

‘I wonder how much all this is costing?’

The Highways Authority will fine the company for the delay once the work is complete.

Rod Porteous, planning and capital works manager at Portsmouth Water, said it could be up to £2,000 a day.

He said although the water mains work began in July unrelated gas works were carried out at the same spot in the previous six months.

The replacement of water mains should be completed within a couple of weeks – way over the December deadline.

‘We are doing this work to ensure customers have an uninterrupted supply of good quality water,’ said Mr Porteous.

‘The new pipes will last up to 70 years but this particular area has been fraught with a number of engineering problems.

‘The job itself should have lasted five months but is almost two months overdue.

‘For every day over the deadline we are fined so the very last thing we want to do is delay it.

‘I’m aware of the inconvenience and thankful the public have been very tolerant.’

Problems encountered include having to overcome more concrete than anticipated and significant underground water.