Anguish for homeless man as he battles his cancer on streets

Roy Haudiquet, 53, with his five-year-old staffie dog Winston. Picture: Malcolm Wells (150291-9214)
Roy Haudiquet, 53, with his five-year-old staffie dog Winston. Picture: Malcolm Wells (150291-9214)
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A HOMELESS man faces the prospect of undergoing chemotherapy while living on the streets because he does not want to give up his pet dog.

Roy Haudiquet has been sleeping rough at bus stops, in the woods and the stairwells of blocks of flats for four years.

Last August he was diagnosed with serious prostate cancer and must undergo months of treatment for the disease.

The 53-year-old, from Leigh Park, claims to have been let down by both Portsmouth City Council and Havant Borough Council after asking them to house him as his family does not have room for him.

But both local authorities say he has been offered accommodation but turned it down. The Havant housing team says it has offered to find a temporary home for Winston, a Staffordshire bull terrier. But Mr Haudiquet is not prepared to give him up.

The dad-of-three said: ‘I have been offered bed and breakfast accommodation but I can’t take it because you have to get out as soon as you’ve had your breakfast in the morning and you’re not allowed back until night.

‘That is no good for me as I have chemotherapy in the morning and have to go somewhere to rest afterwards because I’m going to be very unwell. Chemotherapy can cause all sorts of problems.

‘Also, I can’t get rid of my dog, I just can’t part with him. He’s been with me for five years. We’ve been on the street together and are there for each other.’

Mr Haudiquet would like a property where he can take Winston and says he is not getting any help from the authorities.

Portsmouth City Council said it could not discuss the case.

But, in a statement, Iris Gunton, of Havant Borough Council’s housing team, said: ‘Roy is known to this department and he has been offered bed and breakfast and the offer of finding temporary accommodation for his dog. He has also been offered lodgings to which he could take his dog while waiting for accommodation to come up with Portsmouth City Council.

‘Roy has registered with Portsmouth City Council for one-bedroom accommodation in the Leigh Park area to which he would be able to take his dog.

‘This is the area Roy would like to live. I understand his solicitor has been working with Roy and Portsmouth City Council to try to resolve his housing issues.

‘Mr Haudiquet is aware that the offer of bed and breakfast and accommodation for his dog is still available to him.’