Anthony lands his dream job

MP Caroline Dinenage with apprentice chef Anthony Jenkins
MP Caroline Dinenage with apprentice chef Anthony Jenkins
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LIVING in a tent, Anthony Jenkins never thought he would achieve his dream job.

But the 21-year-old has worked hard and is now an apprentice at the Alverbank House Hotel, in Stokes Bay.

Anthony is a true success story for traineeship programme Work Ready People which helps young people find their feet in the world of work.

Since May, Anthony has been working in the kitchen as a chef.

He spent two months doing work experience and was signed on as an apprentice in July.

He said: ‘When I was at school, I did two weeks work experience at the Alverbank Hotel and I enjoyed it.

‘I’ve always wanted to be a chef and tried out to be a chef in the army but that didn’t work out.’

Rather than let it get him down, Anthony pushed on but found it difficult to get a job.

Without money, he was unable to find accommodation and ended up living in a tent.

But with help from Work Ready People, he gained the confidence and skills he needed to get into hospitality.

He added: ‘Some people work hard to get to where I am now so I am grateful of all the help I got.’

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage went the hotel to meet Anthony.

Ms Dinenage says she is passionate about ensuring everyone in her constituency has access to the best education and she has promoted apprenticeship schemes throughout the area.

She said: ‘Anthony is a great worker and very suited for the job.

‘The fact that the government traineeship programme could help him get his foot in the door and get that little bit of experience is great.’

Anthony is now looking forward to a bright future.

He said: ‘I would like to own my own business in a few years time.’