Arnie won’t be back as he’s finally on the mend thanks to Whiteley resident

Arnie the cat, who is now being looked after by Cats Protection''Picture: Allan Hutchings (160413-236)
Arnie the cat, who is now being looked after by Cats Protection''Picture: Allan Hutchings (160413-236)
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WITH his sparse ragged fur and injured jaw, he was a familiar and often unwelcome visitor to homes in Whiteley for more than two years.

But despite many efforts to catch this determined tom cat, he managed to evade capture and the help that would bring.

Fiona Hull with Arnie the cat

Fiona Hull with Arnie the cat

His steely nature earned him the nickname ‘Arnie’ as he would often ‘be back’ to households in search of female cats – and to let other toms know just who ruled the neighbourhood by spraying everywhere and eating their food.

But now thanks to Fiona Hull, a Whiteley resident, he is now receiving help and is finally on the mend – albeit more placidly as he is minus his ‘cathood’.

Fiona spent months befriending the stray before she caught him and took him to Whiteley Vets.

She said: ‘A number of people had seen the cat around the area but nobody could get near, as he was very scared and would run off.

‘It was clear he was in a pretty bad way and I just wanted to do something to help. I contacted Cats Protection and they loaned me a trap. It took me two weeks to finally get him.’

Fiona posted the story online and since then she’s raised more than £350 to go towards his vet bill.

She said: ‘I was amazed at the support and interest I had. It’s amazing just how generous people have been.

‘The vet took good care of him to find out the cause of his loss of fur, and now his jaw has been fixed he’s eating well and already looking happier.’

She has even been to visit him at the Aristocats Boarding Cattery in Swanwick, which is looking after Arnie on behalf of the charity.

The Fareham and Waterlooville branch of Cats Protection will now look to rehome him out of Whiteley.

To make a donation go to or search ‘ARNIE the Whiteley Cat’ on Facebook.