Artist transforms Stonehenge into a night time delight

LOOKING GOOD Marc Bowyer-Briggs transformation of Stonehenge (
LOOKING GOOD Marc Bowyer-Briggs transformation of Stonehenge (
Tyler Smith

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IT’S an iconic landmark that has looked the same for hundreds of years.

But thanks to Portsmouth artist Marc Bowyer-Briggs, Stonehenge has got a breathtaking new look.

CREATIVE Marc Bowyer-Briggs

CREATIVE Marc Bowyer-Briggs

Using special photographic techniques, he transformed the stones after dark into the ghostly picture, below.

Marc, from Emsworth Road, North End, took up the technique as a hobby around four years ago.

Recently his creative pictures have been receiving an increasing amount of attention from national photography magazines and newspapers.

And it’s his latest recreation of the well-loved landmark Stonehenge for a photo shoot that has really got the 33-year-old noticed.

Marc transformed the familiar stones by lighting them up with electroluminescent wire – a thin copper wire coated in phosphor which glows when an alternating current passes through it – and shooting with a long exposure on his camera.

He said: ‘I only had two hours on site so I had to work very quickly, but it was amazing to be amongst the stones and to get to stand inside them.

‘And it was fantastic to be given such privileged access to the site because not many people get that.’

To create the images where there are figures in front of the stones, he kept the camera’s shutter open for a prolonged time, ran up to each stone and then lit a flash gun in front of his body.

He had to apply to English Heritage for permission to use the site, and was given two hours of exclusive access.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: ‘We don’t normally illuminate Stonehenge at night but we were impressed by Marc’s passion and ideas.

‘The end results give a different and beautiful perspective on this ancient monument.’

Marc – whose full time job is quality manager at ENC Limited, in Copnor – has perfected his art through years of trial and error.

He makes most of his tools himself with LEDs and wire structures, but says its an easy hobby for anyone to pick up.

‘All you need is a camera and a torch and you could pick up the basics straight away,’ he said.

‘After a while you can start to build it up and get more creative.

‘Once you know what all your tools do and the effects they have, your only barrier is your creativity.

He held a similar photo shoot in Cass Sculpture Park, Goodwood, on Friday.