Asda offers £5 shopping token to customer whose crutches were stolen

Asda Bedhampton
Asda Bedhampton
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A WOMAN recovering from a knee replacement operation is furious that her crutches were stolen from a supermarket – after she left them with a security guard.

Angie Kennedy went to Asda in Bedhampton to pick up some groceries

The 47-year-old was delighted when the security guard offered her a mobility scooter when he noticed she was hobbling into the superstore on Monday following a knee replacement just over a week ago.

Mrs Kennedy said: ‘It was about 5pm. I thought if I gave the security guard my crutches they would be safe – security being the optimum word.

‘But by the time I’d got back they had gone. I just couldn’t believe it.’

Mrs Kennedy, of Bernina Close, Waterlooville, said she was astonished that the security guard was not keeping a close enough eye on the crutches after he offered to look after them.

Staff at the supermarket then agreed to check the store’s CCTV and spotted a woman pick up another older pair of crutches on her way out, put them down, and then pick up Mrs Kennedy’s crutches.

She said: ‘When the CCTV was checked a woman in an orange and black blouse was seen to go behind the security desk, pick up a tatty mismatched pair, look at mine then walk over and take mine and walk out of the store without the aid of them. What were security doing?

‘What I found really insulting was they offered me a £5 gift voucher.

‘I just looked at them. I’d been sitting there for an hour waiting for them to sort something out.

‘The girls who were on the customer service desk were amazing. They got me ice packs because my knee started swelling.’

In order to get new crutches Mrs Kennedy’s husband had to take the day off work yesterday to take her to Winchester.

The matter has not been reported to the police.

But it is hoped the person who took the crutches will return them.

A source at the store said it could be the case that the woman who took the crutches may genuinely have been mistake.

A spokesperson for Asda said: ‘We hope that Mrs Kennedy manages to replace her crutches without too much hassle and those we’ve provided go some way to help in the meantime.’