Ashya King could be off to Spain for treatment

Ashya King
Ashya King
Nigel Rigden

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THE family of Ashya King is deciding where and how he will be treated next.

The Kings are currently in Prague while Ashya undergoes proton beam therapy for a brain tumour.

The five-year-old was diagnosed with the tumour earlier this year and has been responding well to treatment.

Brett, the father of the five-year-old, said they are now considering the next step of his treatment which could see them head to Spain.

He said: ‘Now Ashya has started his proton beam therapy, we need to be thinking about what comes next.

‘He still cannot move on his own and he can’t talk properly either so we need to think about physiotherapy and occupational therapy for him.

‘We have got a doctor who works in Madrid coming to see us soon so he can assess Ashya and his condition.

‘But he will definitely need ongoing treatment in a hospital so we won’t be coming home for a while.’

He added that Ashya still needs to be fed through a tube and they are still working out the best way to get him to the hospital in Spain.

‘Once we meet the doctor, we will have a better idea of what lies ahead,’ he said.

But the Kings, from Southsea, are worried about the costs of the Spanish hospital and fear they might have to sell their house.

It comes as Kids n Cancer UK decided to give £50,000 donated to Ashya to other sick children.

The decision came after the NHS agreed to pay for Ashya’s proton beam therapy, having initially refused.

Brett said: ‘The Spanish hospital is going to be really expensive because we need specialist equipment – especially as Ashya is still being fed through a tube.

‘We have a lot of legal fees to pay for as well as travel expenses to Spain so we might have to sell our house to pay for it all.’

But Kids n Cancer UK has stood by its decision saying it helps families who have no money.

It added that the Kings had received money from other sources and charities.