Ashya King’s dad hits back at charity after money is held back

Brett King
Brett King
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THE father of Ashya King has hit back at a charity, claiming it said it would pay for the family’s expenses as well as treatment for his son.

Brett King, who is in Prague caring for five-year-old Ashya while he undergoes proton beam therapy, said Kids n Cancer UK told him it would pay for travel and living expenses from donations.

But the charity has said the £50,000 raised for Ashya would go to other sick children because the NHS eventually agreed to pay for his treatment.

Mr King says that the money would have been put to good use.

Mr King, from Southsea, said: ‘We did ask the charity to pay for our legal expenses because it indicated it would cover our expenses as well as the treatment for Ashya.

‘But now he has received the treatment on the NHS, they aren’t paying for anything.

‘Although we received money from other charities and donations and have paid £17,000 in legal fees, we still have around £28,000 to pay to the Spanish solicitors.

‘When we asked Kids n Cancer to pay for the legal fees, it said we were greedy and declined. We asked what it could pay for and it didn’t reply.’

Kids n Cancer UK helps families with children in need of the proton beam therapy. It helps pay for living costs for families who have to go to America.

Its decision came to light after Ashya’s older brother Naveed took to social media.

Mr King added: ‘It pays for accommodation expenses for other families but it has given the money raised for us to other children.

‘Naveed felt the need to tell people that the money they donated for Ashya wouldn’t be going to him.’

But Kids n Cancer has said it helps families who have no money. Events manager Andrea Hooley said: ‘The Kings have a lot of money they have received from other charities and organisations. We help families who can’t pay for accommodation and have no money.’

Cancer Relief UK, which gave £30,000 to the King family through donations, said it wouldn’t be reclaiming any of it.

Steve Coupe, founder of Cancer Relief UK, said: ‘We have already given that money to Ashya King.

‘We have absolutely no intention of asking for it back, you can’t ask for money back and we wouldn’t anyway.’