Assurances that the Portsmouth clown is harmless

The Portsmouth clown. Picture: Helen Mahoney
The Portsmouth clown. Picture: Helen Mahoney
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THE ‘clown’ causing a sensation in Portsmouth is a teenager who enjoys entertaining shops and bars in Palmerston Road, The News can reveal.

Those who have come across the schoolboy wearing a scary clown mask say he likes to do tricks and is harmless.

Andrea Hutchinson, manageress of Preloved Portsmouth, said he comes in quite regularly to show off and have a bit of fun.

‘He comes in once or twice a week,’ she said. ‘He just likes to come in and stand there doing his tricks.

‘He also goes around the pubs doing magic tricks and he has a wallet which he sets on fire.

‘He is harmless. I can understand people being frightened though. But he’s just a kid.’

But Helen Mahoney, of Southsea, spoke of how the clown chased her through the northern precinct of Palmerston Road after she took a picture of him.

‘He started chasing me and kept asking me to pick up his juggling balls,’ she said.

‘I said “no, why don’t you pick them up?” and he said he couldn’t because he couldn’t bend over in his trousers.

‘So in the end I picked them up just so he would go away.

‘Everyone around me was laughing.’

A friend of the clown said he tried spooking her at Guildhall Square at the weekend but she wasn’t fazed by it after recognising who it was.