Astronaut Tim Peake ‘feeling great’ before historic spacewalk

Tim Peake trying on his spacesuit before his spacewalk   PHOTO: Twitter
Tim Peake trying on his spacesuit before his spacewalk PHOTO: Twitter
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Tim Peake is ‘feeling great’ ahead of Friday’s space walk as final preparations for the historic endeavour took place tonight.

Tim, of Westbourne near Emsworth, has tweeted from the International Space Station about his last suit check before he ventures out into space on a repair mission.

Writing on Twitter this evening, the former University of Portsmouth student said: ‘Final suit fit check prior to Friday’s EVA – feels just great!’

He and fellow Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra, will venture outside the International Space Station Friday on a mission to replace a failed voltage regulator.

The mechanical device failed on November 13, last year, compromising one of the station’s eight power channels.

The unit is relatively simple to replace and can be removed by undoing a single bolt, the European Space Agency said.

Once the task is completed, the spacewalking duo will launch a series of cables in advance of new docking ports which will be fitted for commercial vehicles from the US.

Tim’s spacewalk is scheduled to start at 12:55pm and last for six-and-a-half hours.