Au pair Lucie shortlisted for mission to Mars

Lucie Ferstov�
Lucie Ferstov�
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SPACE-LOVER Lucie Ferstova is one of just 100 people worldwide shortlisted for a one-way mission to Mars.

The 25-year-old au pair, who lives in Emsworth, made the cut from 200,000 people who applied to join the Mars One Project.

Lucie was quizzed by the mission’s chief medical officer Norbert Kraft and chosen from a final pool of 660 candidates.

Speaking to The News she said: ‘I’m very excited.

‘I feel even more nervous now – it’s going to get hard.’

Lucie has an IQ of 132 and has studied for degrees in literature, astrophysics and applied IT – but has completed none of them.

She said her motivation for signing up was that she likes to keep on moving.

‘It’s the movement part that attracts me the most,’ she said.

‘I don’t like being immobile for too long. I like to keep developing my range of abilities.

‘The Mars One project takes that and blows it up to gigantic dimensions.’

The $6bn privately-funded scheme aims to establish a permanent human settlement on the planet by 2024.

Lucie, a fan of the video game Mass Effect set in Mars, now faces undergoing simulation missions to test how she works in a team, how she handles isolation and how she responds to stressful situations.

Eventually, the final chosen candidates will undergo isolation in test facilities for three months at a time, Lucie said.

She added: ‘It’s going to get a bit real. It will challenge how we all work as a team. I don’t have any marketable skills or degrees but I’m very good with people.’

Lucie, who said she is physically fit, moved to Emsworth from the Czech Republic in July last year to work while she waited to hear back from the project.