Auditions of punk opera to be held in Fareham

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ANYONE could snap up a starring role in a punk opera in auditions next week.

Dave Clarke, of Fareham, is having the story of his conversion from crime to religion turned into a punk opera by Gosport band The Asylum Seekers.

Open auditions are being held at Fareham College on January 16 at 3pm and 7pm.

As reported, Dave wrote his autobiography, Converted on LSD, after a life-changing trip on the mind-bending drug.

Roles in the punk opera, called Borstal Boy, include a 16-year-old boy to play Dave, the hero, and another boy to play his brother, the villain.

Other parts include a female magistrate, a 16-year-old girl a prison officer, police officer, school pupils, a mod boy group, and a punk rock group.

More than 250 copies of the book have been sent to inmates in prisons across the United Kingdom.