Aviva reveals strangest insurance claims in 2018 – including a randy horse who damaged car while trying to have sex

A DRIVER was left stunned to discover a randy horse trying to have sex with a car after mistaking it for a mare.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 1:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 1:07 pm
A car was damaged after a stallion did a bit of horsing around. Picture: Shutterstock

The vehicle’s bodywork was damaged after the stallion’s amorous advances and was given the hump, Aviva have revealed. 

The frisky horse’s misadventure with the car was revealed as one of the quirkiest claims the insurance giant received in 2018. 

Fortunately Aviva was able to help the driver arrange for the damaged caused by the animal, which got its front legs onto the vehicle, to be repaired. 

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The other quirky insurance claims received by the company in 2018 also included monkey’s and a gorilla. 

Here are the most unusual claims from last year: 

The hapless burglar

A burglar who tried and failed to break in to a customer’s house hid in a garden shed when he was rumbled by the homeowner.

The burglar accidentally locked himself in to the shed, making it easy for police to apprehend him.

Aviva paid the claim for damage to the home (windows) and shed.

Don’t blame the gorilla

One person who went on a trek to see gorillas in their natural habitat, got close to a group  and and surprised one of them, who bit them on the arm and ran off.

Aviva arranged for medical assistance for the customer, who said he didn't blame the gorilla!

The cat in the car

A cat snuck into our customer’s car as he was unloading groceries.

Later, noticing his hazards were on, the customer went outside to see the cat in his vehicle.

The cat had tried to escape by clawing at the roof of the car, causing substantial interior damage.

The customer opened the door and the cat hightailed it out.

Aviva repaired the car – and the cat was not injured.

The monkey did it

A customer was on holiday when a monkey snatched his bag, jumped on top of a wall and proceeded to rifle through the customer’s belongings.

The monkey found the customer’s mobile phone and smashed it on the ground.

Aviva replaced the customer’s phone.

Cracked heads

Aviva received claims for damage to the heads of Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber – or, to be more specific, their wax likenesses.

Fine cracks ruined the waxworks of one of the company’s commercial customers and Aviva paid the business that created them.