Baby born in his nan’s Vauxhall

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LITTLE Timmy Jay may only be 8lb 3oz but he has certainly made a big entrance into the world.

For he was born into the passenger footwell of his grandmother’s Vauxhall Zafira by the side of the road early on Monday morning.

Toni Ford (30) with her son Timmy-Jay Swift and her mum Jackie Griffin (56).''Picture: Sarah Standing (170382-8248)

Toni Ford (30) with her son Timmy-Jay Swift and her mum Jackie Griffin (56).''Picture: Sarah Standing (170382-8248)

His mum, Toni Ford, 30, had started to feel contractions on Sunday afternoon at home in Ockendon Close Southsea.

They became more serious at 1.10am so she called her mum Jackie Griffin to take them to hospital.

Toni’s partner Toby Swift, a 26-year-old painter and decorator, got in to the back seat, and was on the phone to the hospital when they had to pull over in Southampton Road, Paulsgrove, as Timmy Jay had decided to make his appearance.

Jackie, 56, from Copnor, said: ‘When I arrived I could tell that she was further gone then she had been with her other two children.

‘She said to me “mum please don’t go over any bumps” – I said that I’d try but by the time we were on the motorway she said she needed to push.

‘I came off the motorway and stopped in a safe spot. I came round and opened the door, then when I lifted up her nightie his little head was there.

‘He just slipped out. I was holding him as I was worried about his umbilical cord around his neck.

‘But as soon as the paramedics got there I started crying and they took over from me.’

Timmy Jay was born at 1.40am. Toni and Timmy Jay were taken into Queen Alexandra Hospital and checked over, but were back home later that day.

Toni, a former carer, is now adjusting to life with her third child.

She said: ‘I only found out that I was pregnant when I was already four and a half months gone, so it has all been a bit of a shock.

‘But we’re fine and I’m just enjoying it now.’

Toni also has two other children – Teddy, six, and Trinity, two. Their labours were short but not as quick – nearly three hours the first time, and two hours the second.

However Toni swears that their family is now complete.

‘He’s perfect,’ she said. ‘But that’s it, there’s no others being planned.’

Grandmother Jackie, also a carer, said she was proud of how calm her daughter stayed.

She added that she is delighted with her newest grandchild – her fourth.

‘He’s beautiful,’ she said.