Back to the Future fan stages museum display

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TO CALL him a superfan is almost an understatement.

But now Matt Harrison can share his love of the 1985 cult film Back to the Future, thanks to a city museum.

He won the chance to put his collection of memorabilia from the film on display at Portsmouth City Museum.

The collection contains props from the 1985 cult classic and one of its two sequels.

Matt’s love of the film, sparked by his two older brothers who showed it to him during his childhood, can now be seen by anyone.

The 27-year-old, of Warren Avenue, Southsea, has loaned the items to the museum for a temporary exhibition.

Matthew Harrison collected all the Back to the future items now on exhibition in the Portsmouth City Museum.  Picture: Allan Hutchings (150630-917)

Matthew Harrison collected all the Back to the future items now on exhibition in the Portsmouth City Museum. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150630-917)

He said: ‘Film is my life – it’s always been that way.

Back to the Future is one of those films, like The Goonies, that I continually go back to.

‘I’d say in the last year I’ve watched it 20 or 30 times since January last year.’

His collection includes a phone book page from the first film that the character Marty McFly uses to find Doc Emmett Brown after time travelling.

He won that at auction – for a sum he does not want to reveal – along with a Pizza Hut bag used in the second film.

His first piece in the collection was a replica and instantly recognisable officially licensed Mattel Hoverboard that he picked up in around 2010 or 2011.

He also has replica Nike 2015 Mags worn by Marty in the second film.

Matt also has a replica of Marty’s wallet, sunglasses, headphones and one of Doc Brown’s many clocks.

His lifelong love of the film was rekindled last year when he attended a Secret Cinema event in 2014 in London, where the film was screened and the set was reconstructed.

Matt, a second year student at the University of Portsmouth, is also a member of the Hill Valley Preservation Society, named after a group of the same name in the film.

He and others now fundraise for Michael J Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s Research with the society.

‘It’s good to have movie history,’ he added.

‘Other people can see it now on display. It’s so nice to be able to see that and have people remember their childhoods through those items.’

Matt has even travelled to Hollywood in 2005 to see the set before it burned down.

The bulk of his collection is on show as part of the A Hard Choice exhibition at the museum in Museum Road, Old Portsmouth.

Matt’s items are on display until May 17, with a new collection in on May 19 and the third on July 21.

Tracy Teasdale, learning officer, said: ‘There has been masses of interest.’

Matt’s memorabilia was chosen as part of the People’s Collection.

The museum asked people to suggest their collections that could go on show. Judges decided on three that will be displayed.

After Matt’s, the other two collections from city residents are one featuring commemorative and souvenir clocks and watches linked to the royal family by Watchara Ngarmmuangpak and items connected with Portsmouth adventure writer Percy F. Westerman by Nigel Gossop.