From bags to riches raising cash for charity

SO confident they will never need larger sizes again, slimmers across West Leigh, Leigh Park and Clanfield raised £5,550 by donating clothes they’ve slimmed out of to Cancer Research UK.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 2:58 pm
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 3:01 pm
Slimming World consultant Marrie Hough with 22 bags of clothes her clients have donated to charity.

Together they collected more than 200 bags of clothes, shoes, homeware and accessories  as part of the Big Golden Slimming World Clothes Throw.

The bags will be donated to local Cancer Research UK shops as part of the national fundraising campaign, as Slimming World celebrates its 50th birthday year.

Marrie Hough, who runs the West Leigh groups at St Albans Church, said: ‘I can’t quite believe how many bags we managed to collect I knew my members were amazing but I didn’t expect such an incredible level of effort. Seeing members donate their too-big clothes is just the cherry on top for me as a consultant.’

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The Big Golden Slimming World Clothes Throw aims to raise awareness of how keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer. Each of the filled bags is worth around £25 to the charity. Since 2012, the partnership has generated £12m worth of stock. 

To find out more drop into Marrie’s groups on Wednesdays at St Albans Church on Barton Road or call 07903 756715.  Go to