Barista’s caffeinated cocktail victory

Francicso Herrera and Andrei Slemco
Francicso Herrera and Andrei Slemco
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COCKTAIL king Andrei Slemco has won a national competition for his creation called ‘One Night in Gunwharf’.

Mr Slemco, 25, was named ‘barista of the year’ for his drink, which is a mix of coffee, Cointreau, Kahlua, Baileys, peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Mr Slemco lives in Southsea and works at Bar 38 in Gunwharf Quays. He moved to Britain three months ago from Romania and said he was inspired to make the drink by the amazing sunsets he had seen over Portsmouth Harbour.

Mr Slemco said: ‘When I got to Portsmouth my girlfriend told me of this beautiful place called Gunwharf.

‘She said the best time to be there was at sunset because you could see the sun go down behind the port and all the ships.’

Mr Slemco won a coffee machine for his creation.

He said: ‘I’ve worked as a bartender and a barista. To have been in England for such a short time and to have won a competition is absolutely thrilling.’

Pub and bar company TCG, which owns Bar 38, ran the competition.