BBC Radio Solent DJ Alex Dyke is ‘living in the Dark Ages’

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Suspended DJ Alex Dyke was today accused of ‘living in the Dark Ages’ after complaining about women breastfeeding in public.

Professional support worker Lynn Timms said that anyone offended by a woman feeding a child should move away rather than expect the mother find somewhere private.

Mrs Timms, from Breastfeeding Matters, Portsmouth, which run private sessions to support mothers’ with their feeding, says the number of people who have signed a petition protesting at the BBC Radio Solent presenter’s comments highlights what an important issue this has become.

Her comment comes after more than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling the BBC to sack Alex Dyke.

The breastfeeding advocate said: ‘I think he is the one that is in the Dark Ages.

‘Saying that breastfeeding is unnatural is completely rubbish. It is the most natural living fluid.

‘Even the Equality Act supports breastfeeding women to feed in public.’

She added if a person was offended after seeing a mother breastfeed in a public place, it was for whoever was offended to move. Women, she said, had a right to breastfeed wherever was convenient.

Mrs Timms continued: ‘One would hope that woman would be discrete.

‘When you think how breasts are exposed to us it can be inappropriate.

‘But when you look at a baby attached to a breast feeder she probably covers the breast with a cloth or something.’

The proportion of babies breastfed at birth in the UK has rose by 5 per cent, to 81 per cent.

Many public places now have a sign to say they welcome breastfeeding on the premisses.

She continued: ‘The mum needs to be relaxed before breastfeeding.

‘Sat worrying and being in that situation will put women off going out in public.

‘Mothers’ and babies need to get outside.’