Becca lines up 30 charity challenges

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TURNING 30 is a milestone birthday for anybody.

But Becca Horner decided she wanted to take on a challenge to celebrate it.

Rebecca Horner

Rebecca Horner

And not just one challenge, but 30, one for each year of her life. It’s all to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Becca, now 29, turns 30 in June and is taking on physical challenges despite having surgery on her hip in October.

So far she has walked a mile a day for 30 days and is now attempting to run two miles a day for 30 days.

She also wants to lose 30lbs and has already shed 12lbs.

Other challenges include a half and full marathon.

Becca, from Fareham, said: ‘I was feeling pretty rubbish after the operation.

‘I spoke to the doctor and he said I should set some goals which would make me feel better. I went a bit crazy with those goals. I spent the rest of the year researching what challenges would be good and what to do to build up my strength and fitness. The last two years have been a bit of a waste and my fitness has gone to pot.

‘I haven’t done things that I enjoy and I haven’t gone out and seen things. I’ve missed out on the opportunity to do lots of new experiences.

‘I wanted a reason to have lots of personal fitness achievements and experience lots of new things as well.’

Becca lost her dad Graham Aylott to cancer seven years ago, so raising money for charity was an essential part of her challenge.

‘I thought that it would be a good opportunity to raise some money for Cancer Research UK which is a really important charity to me because family members have died from cancer,’ she added

And it’s not just sporting achievements. Also on her to-do list is staying in a castle, visiting a UK safari park, and visiting the top of the Shard in London.

She said it’s gone well so far. ‘It’s been fine, some things have been more exciting than others. And I had a real sense of achievement after completing 30 miles in 30 days.’

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