Become a slave at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Tyler Smith

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SCHOOLchildren will get to dress up as slaves as well as soldiers from the bloodthirsty Roman empire.

Thanks to the dedication of volunteers with a passion for history, children visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace now have more than 100 costumes to choose from to bring the era to life.

Many take part in workshop sessions and dressing up as a Roman has always been a highlight of their day but, until now, was limited to three outfits per session.

Fishbourne’s award-winning learning team devised a way for all the children to dress in a costume.

Suzanne Evans, head of learning, said, ‘We are so grateful to the local residents who responded to our plea for help in sewing these costumes in readiness for the start of our new season.

‘These outfits make a huge difference to children’s visits and really bring history to life for them.’

Fishbourne Roman Palace, near Chichester, dates back to the beginning of Roman occupation in Britain and was uncovered in 1960.