Become parents of a puppy and change someone’s life

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PEOPLE interested in becoming assistance dog trainers have been invited to an open day.

From next month the charity Canine Partners will be holding a new puppy class in Fareham.

The puppies go on to help people with physical disabilities – with everything from using a cashpoint machine to getting washing out of the machine.

Canine Partners needs volunteers to become puppy parents – people who take one of their dogs into their homes for about a year and begin the early training that will lead on to tasks that will benefit someone with a disability.

Staff and volunteers will be at the open day to demonstrate tasks the puppies carry out, answer questions and offer more details about how to get involved.

Canine Partners will provide food and equipment for the puppy and cover all veterinary costs for the duration of the puppy parent relationship.

Julie Edwards, from Havant, said: ‘I became a puppy parent because I 
wanted to do something rewarding 
which would make a difference to someone’s life.

‘What I hadn’t foreseen was the impact the puppy would have on me.

‘I am fitter and healthier than I have been in a long time. These dogs transform lives, amazing.’

The open day is at Titchfield Community Hall in Titchfield on May 6.

Call 01730 716017 or email