Beloved husky left fighting for life after attack on Southsea Common

Glyn Morris and his dog Mitzu on Southsea Common
Glyn Morris and his dog Mitzu on Southsea Common
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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A BRUTAL dog attack on young husky left her fighting for life.

Her horrified owner has told of the terrifying moment that two bull mastiff dogs leapt out of a car on Southsea seafront and set upon nine-month-old Mitzu.

Now, Glyn Morris is urging people to keep their dogs under control.

The 39-year-old said: ‘It was quite horrific.

‘I had seen the bull mastiffs from further up the road, being put into a car and I remember thinking “gosh they’re big” for such little, flimsy leads.

‘They got into the car and then they saw my dog and jumped over the seats and set out to kill Mitzu.’

The attack took place on the evening of Thursday, June 19 in Pier Road, Southsea.

Mr Morris said it took three men – him and two passers-by – to eventually drag the dogs off.

He said the owners were apologetic and said they had never seen the dogs attack like that before.

Mitzu was left in a bad way with vet bills totalling hundreds of pounds and although she is on the mend now, she is jumpy when out of the house, particularly near cars.

Mr Morris said: ‘Even the vet said it could have been a child and if it had been, they wouldn’t have survived.

‘We were right by the play park and near to the fair.

‘Those dogs were completely ridiculous and they were out of control.’

The bull mastiffs bit and scratched Mr Morris and he has had to have a tetanus injection at the hospital.

The Dogs Trust charity is campaigning for dog control notices to be brought in, which would force an owner to take reasonable steps to control their 
dog after aggression has been demonstrated but before an attack has taken place.

Mr Morris, of Clarence Parade, said he would like to see this put into practice, as this would include training, muzzling, microchipping and neutering – ensuring the dogs were kept under better control.

‘Mitzu is such a good-natured dog and I never let her off her lead but this could have consequences on her, and me as her owner, for the rest of her life,’ he said.

A police spokesman said officers attended the scene but they would not be investigating the attack and advised Mr Morris to contact a solicitor if he wishes to pursue a civil case.