Best DJ: Tom Burrell, Groovy Wonderland

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Tiger Tiger DJ Tom Burrell is currently delivering one of the funkiest nights in the city. And he's won this award with a club night that has only been running for two months.

Groovy Wonderland transports clubbers back to the '70s and '80s with a Saturday Night Fever style and tracks from such artists as the Bee Gees, Tiffany and ABBA.

Tom's tunes always fill the flashing disco dance floor at Tiger Tiger on Thursdays. And the Guide Awards audience were treated to a taster of Tom's talents as he played a 30-minute set, accompanied by Tiger Tiger's funky dancers, as the crowd took their seats.

'It was a great night and I had a really good time,' says Tom, who also DJs at Babylon and at clubs in Southampton.

'It was nice to be up on stage with the dancers. That's a different thing for me. And we seemed to get a good reaction from the crowd.'

Tom worked in entertainment for Thomson holidays for five years and then went on to be a DJ on P&O's Oceana cruise liner, before coming to the area to DJ.

He's planning to do more radio work and has a show starting on Skyline in the coming weeks.

Tom says: 'It was great to win the award because it's nice to see some recognition.'

Runner-up: Udy. Aaron Udy goes by his surname when working as a DJ.

He's a well respected character dedicated to the local club scene and resident at Kiss My Bass which places emphasis on bassline-driven tracks, electro and breakbeats.

Udy has been a DJ for 12 years, but has a day job as an administration manager for a telecommunications phone company.

He helped to launch Kiss My Bass in June and says: 'It's going very well. I think we're the biggest night that Havana has and they've asked us to do New Year's Eve for them too.

'It's great – we've hardly had to advertise because the word of mouth has been so strong and positive.

'I came runner-up at The Guide Awards last year and I think I'm destined to be in second place, but it's nice just to be in the running at all and to be recognized.'