‘Bill loved his job and was always thankful’

Marie and Bill Smyth
Marie and Bill Smyth
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The owner of a hair salon who recently died has been described as disciplined, professional and ambitious.

Bill Smyth, from Smyth’s Hair, in Osborne Road, died from pancreatic cancer.

And his widow Maria has pledged to keep the salon open in the way Bill wanted.

The 52-year-old had more than 300 people turn up to his funeral and Maria said he was well-known in the community.

She said: ‘So many people knew Bill and I think that was obvious at his funeral.

‘He was definitely a larger-than-life character in the salon and the girls loved working for him.

‘He was very disciplined with his work and he wanted everything to be a certain way.

‘He was a super professional and just an amazing person.

‘Bill had so many stories to tell his clients and they loved listening.’

As well as owning his own salon, Bill also taught hairdressing at the University of Portsmouth.

He also gave his advice and tips to the hairdressers who worked at the salon to push them to become the best.

Maria added: ‘Bill loved his job and was always thankful that he could go to work each morning doing something he loved.

‘That is why the salon is remaining open exactly as Bill ran it.

‘He made it clear that he wanted to keep it there for his clients but also 
for the girls who work here.’

During the last few months of his life, The Rowans Hospice worked closely with Bill treating him at home.

To pay them back, he treated them all to a free hairstyle and pamper sessions.

Maria said: ‘When Bill did charity, it was because it meant something to him.

‘The Rowans was great and he wanted to pay them back.’

A collection bucket at Bill’s funeral managed to raise £1,200 for The Rowans Hospice.