Bollywood comes to former forces hospital in Gosport

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THE glamour and glitz of the movies arrived in Gosport while filmmakers are shooting the next Bollywood hit.

It was lights, camera, action in the grounds of the former Royal Hospital Haslar when filming began last week.

A casting website had been offering £70 to £80 after commission each day for male extras in the movie.

Despite requests, The News was not invited inside the grounds during the filming, which ends today.

But an actress took to the social media website Twitter to share her experience.

User Elizabeth Anne wrote: ‘Today I was at Haslar Hospital being filmed as a doctor giving an exercise class to some mental patients for a Bollywood film.’

And she posted two photographs, one with two women dressed as nurses and two men dressed as orderlies, with another picture showing a set.

And another Twitter user, Pete Chilcott, wrote: ‘It was quite funny yesterday seeing the Bollywood film crew yesterday filming outside the Lord Cray Mental Asylum aka RNH Haslar.’

Gosport councillor Peter Edgar was spokesman for the Save Haslar campaign.

He said any filming at the hospital must be ‘appropriate.’