Brain implant gives Jayne a new start in life

Jayne Bargent  Picture: Sky News
Jayne Bargent Picture: Sky News
Pompey midfielder Danny Rose cuts the ribbon to open the new scanner withwith Nicky Wragg CT/MR Superintendent at Qheen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth     ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (180319-1020)

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TOURETTE’S sufferer Jayne Bargent was afflicted by ‘unbearable’ muscle jerks - until a pioneering brain implant changed her life.

The Portsmouth woman’s head and neck were so badly affected by uncontrollable twitches that she could not drive, read, or walk properly.

She is one of the first sufferers to be implanted with electrodes in her brain that fire tiny electric pulses into the region believed to cause the muscle tics.

‘It is absolutely amazing,’ she said. ‘I do not feel I am the same person. I have had three years of getting worse. Now I have got my life back.’

The technique is called deep brain stimulation. It is already used to treat some other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

But a team at London’s National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery has started using it as an experimental treatment for adults severely affected by Tourette’s.