Brave Charlie does not let illness stop him helping others

From left, Marie Harris with her children Sofie, Millie and Charlie Picture: Sarah Standing (170141-2125)
From left, Marie Harris with her children Sofie, Millie and Charlie Picture: Sarah Standing (170141-2125)
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HE SPENDS his days in and out of hospital but that does not stop Charlie Harris from wanting to help other children.

The seven-year-old is being treated for leukaemia but is determined to carry on fundraising for his charity Kicking Cancer for Charlie.

‘He just gets on with it though – he’s our little fighter.

Marie Harris

Due to his illness, the family including parents Marie and Rob, were unable to hold as many fundraisers last year to boost donations.

But this year, with Charlie at the helm, family and friends have already got some events on the calendar.

One will be a superhero party which little Charlie thought of himself.

He said: ‘I wanted to start Kicking Cancer for Charlie because it raises money to help other poorly children.

‘I wanted to have a superhero party so other children can have fun.’

As previously reported in The News Charlie, from Hilsea, was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a rare form of cancer, in 2014.

He has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last three years to treat the cancer but has another year ahead of him.

As well as having the regular treatment, Charlie also suffers from chronic fatigue meaning he gets tired easily and has to spend time in bed.

Marie said: ‘The treatment makes him really poorly and he has spent most of the past 12 months in hospital.

‘He has to have it though regardless of how ill it makes him. I don’t know how he copes.

‘Now he is a little bit older, he knows he needs the treatment but he doesn’t understand why something to make him feel better ends up making him feel so ill.

‘He just gets on with it though – he’s our little fighter.’

The first fundraiser of the year will be a spiritual evening in April while a month later, Charlie’s superhero party will be held.

Then in the summer, a Kicking Cancer For Charlie-themed event will go ahead shortly before a group of women take on a 30-mile walk.

Since starting the charity, the family have been overwhelmed with the amount of support they have received.

Football club AFC Portchester made Charlie a mascot for one of its games and it has offered the use of the clubhouse for events.

Marie said: ‘We want to thank everyone for their support.

‘AFC Portchester have been fantastic in supporting Charlie.

‘People are always so willing to help.’

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