Brian and Kerry to leap into marriage

IN LOVE Kerry Byrne and Brian Clark are getting married today.  Picture: Sarah Standing (120690-2424)
IN LOVE Kerry Byrne and Brian Clark are getting married today. Picture: Sarah Standing (120690-2424)
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SOME men struggle to remember their wedding anniversary each year.

So Brian Clark has caught a lucky break, as he will have four years to remember to get a card after he marries his fiancee Kerry Bryne today.

The couple have chosen to make the most of the extra day this leap year by tying the knot on a date they will never forget.

And they have agreed only to celebrate their anniversary when there is a February 29.

Brian, 40, said: ‘It’s great because it means I have four years to save up for a card and to remember the date.

‘And because it only comes around every four years, Kerry will get a much bigger present than if it was a normal anniversary, especially when we celebrate our first one on the next leap year.’

Despite Kerry’s efforts, Brian has refused to mark the occasion with a mini-celebration on non-leap years.

‘I’ve asked him if we could do something small on the other years,’ said Kerry, 32.

‘But he said that it wouldn’t make sense because it’s not the day we got married.

‘I don’t mind that because it makes it even more special when we do have an anniversary.

‘It’s an unusual date which is why it appealed to us in the first place.

‘And it feels like the perfect day to get married.’

The couple, who live together in Templeton Close, Hilsea, will have a traditional ceremony at St Nicholas’ Church, Battenburg Avenue, Copnor, with all their friends and family.

Guests will then head to Southsea Golf Club, at Burrfields Road, Copnor, for a meal and a party.

‘Most people get married on a Saturday but we wanted something a bit different,’ Brian said.

‘Everyone has made a real effort to get the time off work and to make it special for us.’

Although they have been together for eight years, Brian and Kerry only recently felt the time was right to get hitched.

They met through working as taxi drivers together and after planning the wedding for two years, they now feel like everything has fallen into place.

Kerry added: ‘When I met Brian I thought he was a bit of a lad, but I quickly got to know a different side of him and within a year we were engaged.

‘But we were waiting for the right time to get married, and now we’re looking forward to it.

‘It’s came round so quickly since we started planning, especially since Christmas time, but we can’t wait.’