Bride goes on her dream honeymoon...with her father

Katy and Keith Buxey on their wedding day
Katy and Keith Buxey on their wedding day
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NEWLYWEDS Katy and Keith Buxey couldn’t wait to go on their honeymoon after years of waiting for a romantic trip together.

But a mix-up at the passport office scuppered their getaway – and Katy ended up going on the honeymoon with her dad.

The 32-year-old, who works at Asda at Bedhampton, had planned to go to Disneyland Paris with Keith and their two girls, Aaliyah-Thai, nine, and Abigail, seven.

But by the day of the wedding at St Peter & St Paul Church in Wymering, his passport had still not arrived.

Katy was left with no option but to go on the week-long holiday with her father, David Worthington, who lives in Cowplain.

Katy, of Botley Drive, Leigh Park, said: ‘Basically his passport did not come back in time

‘I had to go with my dad instead and the girls.

‘It was annoying because we have never been on holiday together.

‘I have always been away with my family and the girls.

‘This was going to be our first family holiday.’

Leaving 34-year-old security guard Keith at home, Katy, her dad and the girls drove to Disneyland, taking the ferry at Dover.

Wanting to make the best of it, the family still had a great time.

Katy said: ‘It was brilliant – I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing. It was upsetting I couldn’t spent time with him, but you just have to get on with it. We had some nice days out.’

But the lovebirds are now planning a proper break together.

‘We are planning another honeymoon,’ said Katy.

‘We are going to book it, hopefully next year.’

The pair had their reception at the Blue Lagoon in Hilsea.

Katy said she is still smitten with her beau after 13 years. She said: ‘He makes me laugh and be happy every day.’