Britain’s favourite biscuits have been revealed but people aren’t happy that Jaffa Cakes are on the list

A POLL has revealed Britain's favourite biscuits but people aren't happy that a cake has been included in the list.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 1:50 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 2:50 pm
Are Jaffa Cakes really a biscuit?
Are Jaffa Cakes really a biscuit?

YouGov announced the country’s top five types in honour of National Biscuit Day, with Jaffa Cakes making the cut. 

The full list of Britain's favourite biscuits are: 

- McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives – 81% positive opinion 

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- Cadbury Fingers – 78% positive opinion 

- Cadbury Milk Chocolate Digestives – 77% positive opinion

- Jaffa Cakes – 73% positive opinion

- McVitie's Original Digestives – 69% positive opinion 

However people have been quick to point out that Jaffa Cakes are not in fact biscuits but are – as the name would suggest – cakes. 

With cakes and biscuits being two wholly separate types of baking, hence why they have their own weeks on Great British Bake Off. 

Responding to YouGov's poll on Twitter, one person wrote: ‘Why have you amalgamated a cake poll with a biscuit poll?’ 

While another added: ‘Jaffa cakes are exactly that, cakes.’

One person elegantly explained the difference between Jaffa Cakes and biscuits, writing: ‘Jaffa cakes aren’t biscuits you spoons they’re cakes they go hard when they’ve gone off unlike biscuits that go soft.’ 

Vote in our poll at the top of the story on whether you consider Jaffa Cakes to be biscuits or not. 

However HMRC would certainly not be best pleased about the snack being included in the biscuit list. 

A court case in 1991 successfully argued that Jaffa Cakes are in fact cakes, meaning that they would not have to pay value added tax. 

In the UK VAT is payable on chocolate-covered biscuits but not chocolate-covered cakes. 

McVities proved that their product was a cake by pointing out that its ingredients were similar to cakes, that they had the texture of cakes and that they harden when stale like a cake. 

Also in Ireland, Jaffa cakes are regarded as cakes by Revenue as their moisture content is greater than 12 per cent. 

Which biscuits are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.