British Embassy joins search for missing Fareham dad

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POLICE in Prague are stepping up the search for missing dad Karl Law.

(Video shows reporter Miles O’Leary explaining what has happened so far in the search for Mr Law)

Karl Law, second right, with friends on the stag do in Prague

Karl Law, second right, with friends on the stag do in Prague

And the British Embassy in the Czech Republic capital has become involved following the disappearance of the 34-year-old on Saturday night during his cousin’s stag do.

The builder from Fareham was with a group of 13 people on the celebration in the city.

Yesterday, police told his family they were increasing the seriousness of their search, with Karl’s name being added to a list of people missing within the European Union.

Two more family members flew into the country last night to help with the search thanks to money raised by supporters.

Karl Law

Karl Law

And last night friends and family gathered to raise cash to support Karl’s brother and cousin who are already searching for him in Prague, and for his fiance Amanda Collins and three-year-old son Lenny.

Speaking to The News from Prague last night, Karl’s brother Craig said: ‘We have still not heard anything. We’ve been out putting posters up (pictured).

‘We had a call from the police. The reception staff helped translate for us.

‘There is now a full investigation going on and we have been contacted by the British Embassy.



‘The police have got pictures of him now which they are circulating. I don’t know what else is being done by them.’

Karl went missing after members of the group split up as some headed to the Maxim Bar in Old Town Square.

Craig said it was around 3am when the group in the bar returned to their hotel and realised the dad-of-one was missing.

Karl’s son Lenny turned three on Monday.

Amanda said: ‘Karl was due to fly back to Gatwick at around 5pm on Sunday with the group.

‘I spent the afternoon in a soft-play area with Lenny to celebrate his birthday.

‘Karl and I had been due to put up banners and balloons around the house on Sunday evening when he got back so Lenny would wake up on Monday morning to find them as a surprise.

‘But his mum told me that Karl would not be home that night because he had gone missing in Prague. I’m just really worried.

‘For him to miss our son’s birthday is really worrying.

‘I have no idea what could have happened to him.’

Last night, dozens of Karl’s family and friends gathered at the Hoeford Inn in Gosport Road to raise money to help continue the search.

Joanne Knee, one of Karl’s cousins, said: ‘Karl drinks in this pub so it was a good place for us to choose. There is a positive atmosphere.

‘My cousin and brother are out there trying to find Karl – we are all trying to stay positive.’

Nicky Stock, who is also a cousin of Karl’s, described him as a ‘loving and caring person’.

She added him: ‘Hopefully we can raise as much money as we can to help my brother and cousin to stay out there for as long as possible.

‘We want to make people aware of what has happened.’

Schoolfriend Kelly Burnham said she was ‘shocked and devastated’ when she heard of Karl’s disappearance.

‘I felt sick,’ she said. ‘We have got lots of friends from different groups in Fareham at the event.

‘It’s nice to see everyone come together for this.

‘I hope we can raise enough to support the boys in Prague and for his girlfriend and their little boy too.’

n Another event to raise money to keep family members in Prague and to support Karl’s fiance and son is planned for Friday from 7pm at Hill Park Memorial Working Men’s Club in Highlands Road, Fareham. All are welcome on the night.