Bus driver chases passenger who complained

Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan
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A TEACHER has spoken of her horror after a bus driver chased her off the bus and remonstrated with her after she made a complaint.

The driver of the number 8 First Group bus pulled away from the stop in Crookhorn before Kate Morgan was seated and she fell, badly jarring her back, which she already has serious problems with.

When she got off in Purbrook she complained to the driver that he should have waited for her to be seated before he pulled away.

The 34-year-old said: ‘The driver then got off a packed bus and chased down the road after me.

‘He stopped me as I was about to go into a shop and started trying to make out that it was all my fault.

‘I felt he was trying to intimidate me and felt very uncomfortable as he was right up close to me and being almost threatening in his manner.

‘He said, “I’m sorry you hurt your back, but you should have told me. You look young and healthy to me”.

‘I replied that it should be standard procedure to wait until your passengers have sat down and he repeated again that I look young and healthy.

‘He eventually left me to return to his bus full of passengers.

‘Quite apart from the fact that I had hurt my back, I felt his manner was incredibly intimidating, verging on threatening.’

The incident happened in December.

But it was not until The News stepped in that First Group finally responded to Mrs Morgan’s complaint and apologised after viewing the bus’s CCTV.

She called its offer of a week’s travel ticket ‘insulting’.

The firm has now given her a monthly ticket.

In a statement, First Group said: ‘We have extended our apologies to Mrs Morgan on two fronts.

‘Firstly, for an administrative error that prevented us from communicating the results of our investigation sooner.

‘Secondly, following the completion of our investigation we’d like to apologise for the incident in question.

‘Regrettably, the high standards of customer care that we set for our staff were clearly not followed on this occasion.

‘We’ve since been in touch with Mrs Morgan to apologise directly.’