Cafes remain closed at two city libraries

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CAFES in two Portsmouth libraries have been closed four months longer than expected due to delays in a tendering process.

Portsmouth City Council shut cafes in its Portsmouth Central and Southsea libraries late last year in order to find new operators to run them.

Library services manager Lindy Elliott had expected they would be open again in January.

But she said replacement operators were still yet to be found.

Ms Elliot said: ‘We want to give library users the best quality service possible, and it’s taking us a little longer than we thought to get the right operators.’

Ms Elliot apologised for the delay and said that people visiting the libraries were able to take in their own food and drink while the cafes were closed.

She said: ‘We’re sorry for the inconvenience to customers and hope to be able to announce new operators in the near future.

‘In the meantime, library users are welcome to bring drinks from outside into the buildings.’

The council originally shut the cafes as part of a bid to save money.