Campaigners call for official Hampshire flag

The red and yellow flag that features on Hampshire County Council's coat of arms
The red and yellow flag that features on Hampshire County Council's coat of arms
Picture: Habibur Rahman

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CALLS have been made for Hampshire to have its own official flag.

Hampshire, along with the Isle of Wight, are the only places in the south of England not to have a registered county flag with the Flag Institute, which registers designs across the country.

Philip Tibbetts, from the institute, said: ‘Hampshire, in terms of history in England, there is so much you could take out of it that could be used for ideas.

‘I remember reading somewhere that Hampshire was the foundation of all three military services.

‘Winchester was the capital of England at one point and a foundation for Wessex.’

There are currently two flags flown by Hampshire County Council, but they are not registered with the Flag Institute to officially represent the county.

A red and yellow flag is based on the council’s coat of arms and flown on formal occasions.

There is also a blue flag based on the authority’s corporate logo and this is flown daily.

The red and yellow flag is currently available to download online and re-produce for anyone who wishes to represent the county of Hampshire.

The Flag Institute maintains and manages the national United Kingdom Flag Registry.

This is to ensure there is a definitive record of flags which exist, both nationally and regionally.

Do you have a design for a Hampshire flag? Send us your artwork or CGI by using the simple upload button on this page.