Can you show festive spirit to help domestic abuse victims?

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GENEROUS members of the public are being called upon to help vulnerable families this Christmas.

Claire Chatwin, the managing director of Southern Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS), is looking for gifts, vouchers and financial donations in order to put together food and gift hampers for 50 vulnerable families across Havant and East Hampshire.

She said: ‘Christmas is traditionally a joyful time when families come together to celebrate, but for victims of domestic abuse it can be the worst time of the year.

‘It can be a very difficult time for victims of domestic abuse as the pressures of financial difficulties and of spending long periods of time with an abusive partner can create greater anxiety and stress.

‘It is often not only adults who suffer due to violent partners during this time.

‘For children living in a home where there is violence, Christmas is not a time of celebration, but one of terror, as the family is together for an extended period of time.

‘Most children living in violent households witness the violence that is occurring and in 90 per cent of cases they are in the same or the next room.’

If you would like to find out more about the work of the charity or need advice and support please contact, visit or call (023) 9248 0246.